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Artiste/Agent Terms and Conditions


1. Tower Top Entertainment operates as an Employment Agency, with a core purpose of liaising between artistes, other entertainment agencies and venues to book entertainment acts.


2. All confirmations of bookings/invoices will be set to the artistes registered email address, unless the agent is otherwise informed.


3. Artistes will receive a written confirmation of any booking made on their behalf. The Artiste then has seven days from the confirmation date in which to cancel any bookings made on their behalf.


4.Confirmations will clearly state the artistes confirmed fee and the agents commission fee, which in most cases will be 10% of the artistes total booking fee. It will also state how the artiste will receive payment and how the agent’s fee will be collected.


5. Agents fees (usually 10%) are payable by the artiste, to the agent, for the service of locating and securing bookings for the act. 


6. In the case of an invoice for agent’s fees, artistes must ensure invoices are paid no later than 7 days from receipt to avoid further charges. If regular reminders for late payment are necessary, this may impact any future bookings for the artiste with this agency.


7. Artistes must always arrive at the venue at the specified time on the confirmation. If for any reason Artistes are not on time they MUST always contact the venue and Tower Top Entertainments to inform them that they will arrive late at the venue.


8.All artistes must have their own public liability insurance and are solely responsible for ensuring any equipment they take to use in venues complies with relevant regulations and has been PAT tested to ensure it is safe to use.


9. Any follow up bookings between the artiste and venue must be made through Tower Top Entertainment for a period of 12 months following the last performance of the artiste.

10. Any performance fees collected on behalf of the artiste by the agent will be forwarded within 3 days of the payment clearing.


11. Any cancellations of bookings as a result of illness etc. MUST be done verbally, by telephoning the number above and speaking directly to us. Answerphone messages, texts or emails will not be classed as speaking directly to us. If you cannot get through to someone directly, please leave a message requesting us to contact you and we will do this as soon as we pick the message up.   

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